Your friend has just snap chatted you a picture of her outfit. You reply with a selfie of you in your pyjamas watching Netflix and ask "why are you dressed up?" She replies with "it's my birthday remember!?"

Oh oh..... you forgot! Obviously your first thought, is what am I going to wear!?

You frantically start looking through your closet & your bedroom ends up looking like a crime scene.  (Been there done that) Then, you spot that little black dress. The party dress that solves all fashion dramas, accentuates all the right places & really has just gotten you out of many fashion emergencies.

The little black dress is really a staple in many wardrobes & if it's not already in yours, i've got you covered. I put together a few of my little black dress favourites & how I would style each one.

This little number is a style that is very in right now, with the high neck choker & it's free flowing form makes it a perfect little black dress. This is a dress that is easily dressed down & to grunge up. (You know thats my fav!) Pop on an army styled or camo jacket, pair with a cute pair of black strappy heels, mess that hair up, add some red lippy & you are good to go! Yes, I did just basically describe my go to look!

Now this little black dress is that perfect balance between sexy & modest. It's a length that is appropriate for most occasions, but you're still able to show-off that little bit of sexy with the off-the-shoulder design. It is classic & really does need many accessories as the dress speaks for itself. If this is not already a staple in your closet, click away ladies because it needs to be.

Now, I love this dress because to me it is like modern hippy/ modern city chic. It has the form fitting bodice & is accentuated by the oversized frill down to the elbows. Take this little black dress to a night on the town or add some strappy sandals, a floppy hat, a brown suede tote bag with more fringe than 1995 baby spice & you're good to go for picnic in the park or to the markets on a Sunday. 

This little back dress would have to be the most versatile out of the four. You can take it from an office meeting with the boss to brunch on a Saturday.  To add a little more office flare, just simply add a form fitting blazer to complete the look. To have a little more fun on a Saturday, swap the heels for a pair of converse slip ons, burn that blazer for a leather jacket & add the final girly grunge step by tying a flanny around your waist.

I hope you enjoyed reading how I would style my little black dress, the grunge style just keeps making it's way back in there. Old habits die hard!

To see many more styles of that little black dress, click below:

Party Dress

What is your go to little black dress?

ashleyzoe xx

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