Tap, tap.. is this thing on?
Yes, it's been a while. I almost forgot how to use this thing... almost.

Here I am, back and a little rusty. What better way to jump back into the blog with a little DIY.
This off the shoulder DIY is so easy I finished the first shirt on my work break in about five minutes. With a cut here and there... you've made over a $4 thrift store top!

Now the photos below are pretty self explanatory, I have marked out exactly where I cut to create the correct amount of space to create an off the shoulder shirt. Now, my tip with this is to start small and cut as you go. You can cut more material, but can't add any back!

Another thing to think about is the type of material of the top. The first top I DIY'd was just a cotton shirt that was very easy to cut and adjust. The second top however, was a thick cotton/elastic material. Each time I would cut this, the material would bounce back and I would lose my shape. Patience is key on this one.

Now, go ahead and give it a go! Not bad hey, $12 from the thrift store and two new tops! (or go raid your closet for tops that need a little love)
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ashleyzoe xx

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