Every January we make resolutions. Whether it be; workout more, learn to twerk (personal goal) or just be happier. Most of us humans give in to our old selves & usually give up after a week or so. To help me from my old 2015 self, leading fashion brand boohoo have set me the challenge of stepping outside my fashion comfort zone.

My Fashion Resolution:
I will wear overalls in 2016.

Honestly, I have wanted a pair of overalls/ dungarees for a while now but I was to afraid I wouldn't know how to style them. News flash people, I look to damn cool in these things.

I wanted to share with you all how I stepped out of my fashion comfort zone & styled my first pair of overalls. Of course, thank you so much to boohoo for trusting me to not make any fashion crimes in these super cool overalls: http://www.boohoo.com/jeans/maria-button-front-slim-fit-dungarees/invt/dzz99612


The first look could not get any more 90's & I love it! I paired the overalls with a simple black high neck crop top, it looks great from the front & shows a little bit of skin on the side. I of course wore my little black booties to make those legs look that incy bit longer. I added my oversized flanny to cinch the waist & I was good to go!


The next outfit is something still very casual but can easily be made a tad more dresssy with a few chic tweaks. I wore a simple black high neck top to keep modest, but a long sleeve blouse would look fantastic with this outfit in the colder weather. I paired the look with my all time favourite pale pink studded heels. Heels really can dress up an outfit & take it from day to night. It was much to hot for this, but a black leather jacket over this would really give you that chic grunge look. My fav!


The third & final look is kind of, hey I've got errands to run but I really want to look cute while doing them. Nailed it. What's overalls without the token striped tee? Trust me, search overalls on pinterest. Obviously I had to whip up an outfit with this key feature & now I understand why it's all over pinterest, it looks pretty dang cute. I paired the look with my vintage pouch bag & the comfiest flats you've ever seen in your life.

I'm smiling, but an ant just bit me so damn hard on the ankle. Curse you ant.

What do you think? How would you style overalls?

Do you have a new years resolution, of the fashion kind? 
Maybe you'll find some inspiration over at boohoo, I sure did!

ashleyzoe xx

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