Hi, my name Is Ashley & I am addicted to Pinterest.

It's official, I am obssesed. Pinterest has taken over. All hail Pinterest. All right, calm down Ash! Pinterest will still be on your phone after you've finished typing this blog.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post I am about to move into my very own granny flat. Which means I can have it as girly & sparkly & glittery as I like! I am very much attracted the bright colours & contrast of different mediums, I think thats why you'll find my Pinterest very erratic. I don't have a certain style, I just like what I like.

As a (poor) Apprentice Hairdresser I have to be VERY stingy with my money. Lucky I love to DIY. These are a few inspiration pictures & projects that I am keen to get stuck into. I have already tried the ombre bedspread, unfortunately the colour didn't take as well as I had hoped. Oh well, just means another trip to the craft store.

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Talk soon xx

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