Hello! Yes, it's me! Yeh, i'm sheet..... I have been super slack. Thank you Paul (all the way in Vegas) for the motivation! Good luck to you & Britt with your college, bring on graduation!

Yesterday I started Hair College & I loved it of course. I did my first test strip of perm & a bleach foil. Made a new friend, hey Gabby & this weekend we will be meeting up at a Hair expo. We were lucky enough to score free tickets, what apprentice doesn't love free stuff?

I will be moving into a new place in a couple of weeks & it will be my first time living alone without my boyfriend or family. I'm actually really excited, basically because I can just decorate the way I want! I am officially addicted to Pinterest & can't wait to DIY the heck out of my room!

If you want to see what my ideas are, check out my Pinterest!

Click read more to see more pictures.

Talk soon xx


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