Don't you just feel sometimes that your luck is changing? Is it luck or you're just having a damn good day? I feel like opportunities have been presenting themselves to me lately & it's about dang time! Am I right?! Haha! No, I just feel as if things are changing for the better. As much as I love change, it scares the hell out of me.

I think becoming an Apprentice Hairdresser has really helped me become a lot happier. I put it down to finally being in a career I really want to learn & excel in.  Holy, off topic much?! I feel like that chick from Mean Girls that has a lot of feelings & wants to bake a cake with Rainbows & shiz. Please tell me you know who I am talking about?! Yes, it is my favourite movie, how can it not be?

Lastly, I was asked to collaborate in a blog post on another Brisbane bloggers blog, (say that five times fast) and I did just that. This is the first time I have guest posted & I was so excited that I smashed out the post in 30 mins. I can't wait to share with you all!

Talk soon xx

Good vibes out, good vibes in.

Slob Ash - I had just come from Hospital ok?!

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