It has been 4 weeks since my previous accutane blog post and quite a lot has changed. I am currently taking two accutane tablets a day and will do so until my dermatologist instructs me otherwise. I do have a confession to make though, there was a period of four days that I didn't take the medication as I hadn't had the chance to collect my new medication yet. I definitely noticed a change in those days, my skin became slightly oily around the nose area and I began to break out again. It has been around three weeks now since I have been taking them religiously again and so far I am not impressed with the effects. I guess good things take time!

I am still experiencing seriously dry lips, anyone who wishes to try these meds will want to invest in a really good lip balm or moisturiser because man do your lips hurt if they are not moisturised! I have been noticing a lot of pimples and blackheads have been showing up on my lower cheek and chin area. Also, I have been getting blackheads on my neck which is not normal for my skin at all. My skin overall has been extremely dry and I have invested in a skin oil. I have been applying the skin oil at night when my skin is severely dry and it helps ease off the dryness for a couple of days.

I am still having second thoughts on whether I want to continue with accutane but I feel I really don't have any other option. I will be seeing my dermatologist soon for a check up so I will see what she thinks then. If anyone else has taken accutane, how long did it take for you until you skin started looking blemish free? Until my next post, I will see you on instagram!

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