First of all, never be lazy enough to let your beauty blender end up like mine. Second of all, if you are  as lazy as me then this blog post is for you.

Here is how I currently clean my beauty blender and so far so good!

First rinse the beauty blender so that it expands and the pores of the sponge open up. Once the beauty blender expands, coat with a generous amount of shampoo. Try not to use shampoos that contain specialist chemicals for blonde, red or brown hair for example, just stick with plain old shampoo. On this occasion, I used Sunsilk shampoo. Once the beauty blender is completely coated, massage the shampoo into the sponge. You will notice the make up being squeezed out of the sponge and this means you are cleaning it correctly! Go ahead and rinse the beauty blender and continue that process as many times as your beauty blender needs. Because my beauty blender needed a super clean I washed and rinsed it five times and was very pleased with the outcome.

Your beauty blender will never return to being completely stain free but to maintain a clean beauty blender repeat this cleaning process at least once a week. That goes for me as well! No more lazy make up cleaning Ash!

Let me know, what are your secrets for keeping your beauty blender stain free?

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