This is the first time I have spoken about this on my blog but now is as good a time as any. I have battled (DRAMATIC MUCH?!) acne for over 10 years now and after wasting a bucket load of money on products that claim to be the next miracle cure, I decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment with a dermatologist. One appointment & one blood test later, I was prescribed Accutane. Accutane is a very serious medication and needs to be taken with very strict guidelines as it can have serious side effects. I'm aware of all these side affects but after being unsuccessful on other medications I felt and still feel as if this is my only option to finally having clear skin.

My skin so far has been slightly up and down. The first week made my acne flare up like crazy, but I guess it was drawing out all the bad stuff in my face. Into the second and third week my skin was drying out quite a lot to the point of if I smiled without paw paw ointment on my lips then they probably would of bled. I could also actually feel blackheads being pushed out of my nose. (SO GROSS) The fourth week hasn't been so bad, my skin is almost bump free on my forehead but my chin and neck area are not so good. Today I have also broken out in a dry skin rash. On my left arm it looks like little red dots and is super itchy but I lathered some paw paw ointment on that and it soothed it pretty quick. I also have dry skin patches on my right wrist, I researched other peoples experiences with accutane and they also experienced this. I should also mention that I was an oily mess before beginning this medication and now oily skin is no where to be seen. AMAZING!

To wash my face I have been using Nourash Naturals sensitive wash & moisturiser that my dermatologist gave to me. ( The wash isn't great at removing all your make up and you do build up a lot of flaky skin so I have been using an ex-foliating mitt and have been using that on my face every few days but VERY lightly as to not irritate my face even more. I also found that witch hazel was not burning my face which was surprising so I have been using that occasionally. As for the moisturiser, that burns my face regardless. It only lasts for a few seconds but man does it hurt. I am now on the search for a better moisturiser.

I think that is all for now, I will update you in a month or whenever I have something interesting to write about. If you're lucky or unlucky enough (you decide) I may upload skin progress photos.

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