My Diet: 11 days & 2.2kgs down!

Long time no blog! Thank you so  much to everyone so far that has cheered me on! A couple of people have mentioned to me that they like my honesty in these blogs and I want to continue to be honest!

Diets are bloody hard and as soon as you tell me I can't have something, I want it! (Yes, I am 3) Throughout the 11 days so far of my challenge to look as hot as Lara Bingle I have fallen off the wagon just a couple of times. Last Sun/ Mon weren't the best but as long as I enjoyed the food and didn't feel guilty about it then I'm happy. All I did was just get back on that horse and start again. I think  that once you start making yourself feel guilty about eating the wrong foods here and there it really confuses your brain & your stomach. We are human, we need to eat and sometimes we just need a big ol' plate of nachos! Am I right?!

As long as you keep your eye on that goal you will get there, it might not be in your time frame, but you will get there.

Ok, so enough of my D&M talk lets get down to business. I have been including fruit & veggies in my meal plans now. I was going a little bit crazy just on protein and I could feel that i wasn't getting the nutrition that I wanted & needed. I have still been sticking to low fat meats, yoghurts, no bread, no other dairy (personal choice for my skin) and I'm not going to lie to you I have enjoyed a couple of AMAZING 100's & 1000's Oreo cookies. Remember, don't feel guilty! : ) Also, I don't think I could eat another boiled egg in my life, I totally OD'd on them. EHH!

Anyway, would anyone like me to go back to explaining what I am eating everyday or just an update once a week?

Days Dieting: 11
Weight Loss: 2.2kgs ( I have finally reached the 63KILO area!!! )

Keep reaching for that goal.

ashleyzoe xx

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