My Diet: Where is the weight going?!

What the hell?! I never realised how much bread/ crap I ate until actually starting to diet & eat better! The weight seems to be coming off quicker then I expected & I love it. Why didn't I do this months ago?!

So, the reason I am so happy is that I put a skirt on this morning that I wore last saturday. Lets back up a bit, picture me last week wearing a skirt that was pretty tight around my waist and I couldn't wait to take it off in the afternoon and now picture me with that same skirt on I can fit my thumbs down the side and I can actually move in it! I am really starting notice this weight loss (for the better) in my body now and not just the scales. I feel slimmer and healthier. (That sounds totally up myself & annoying, but you guys know what I mean) I guess this means i'll have to go shopping for some new clothes..... what a drag..... said no woman ever! : P

Also, I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but my goal is to lose 5kgs before 7th December.

Days Dieting: 12
Weight Loss: 2.6kgs

Is anyone else dieting with me?

ashleyzoe xx

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