Day 3 of the Dukan Diet | Uh Oh..Backwards

Today I am feeling like I am going backwards. I did weigh myself at the end of the night and was almost back up to my starting weight. Lets hope tomorrow morning is kind to me. I think I need to be more strict with myself, I thought I could handle low fat bacon but clearly my body was all like Hell na girlllll your cellulite aint going any where. So yes, maybe NO MORE BACON for me. : ( I think I just need to get creative with my recipes to bring some variety into this diet.

Todays cravings weren't so bad, I am not yet missing bread or potatoes or even CHOCOLATE. DAMN, why did I bring that up?! HA!

Weight loss to date: 1.2kgs

6:30am: 64.2kgs
6:45am: 4 pieces of low fat bacon
9:00am: 97% Fat Free Yoghurt with 1& 1/2 tablespoons of Bran.
11:30am: Few Roast Chicken Pieces (Minus the skin & Wings)

12:00pm: (Eliza's Amazing Creation) 4 pieces of Smoked Ham with a small amount of cottage cheese rolled inside. AMAZING!
3:00pm: Few more pieces of ham.
8:00pm: Medium Piece of Steak marinated in Balsamic Dressing, Garlic & Pepper.
All Day: 2 Litres of water

I have decided that I am no longer going to fill in how much I weigh at the end of the night because I think some people were getting confused because you will always weigh more at night after eating and it looks like I am not losing weight. : (

I have yet to ask, have I inspired anyone else to give this diet a go? 

ashleyzoe xx

P.S I worked out tonight a wee bit, I wonder if that burned any fat?

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