Day 2 of the Dukan Diet | I Cheated

Yes,  I cheated. Don't look at me with those judging eyes. HAHA In my defence I had the worst day ever and that is an understatement.

Weight loss to date: 0.8kgsj]

6:30am: 64.6kgs
6:45am: 97% Fat Free Yoghurt with 1& 1/2 tablespoons of Bran. 
10:00am: 2 Boiled Eggs
9:00am - 4:00pm: I grazed on 97% Fat Free Honey Ham & Roast Chicken (Minus the skin & Wings)
12:00pm - 4:00pm: Hello Panda biscuits
8:00pm: Medium Piece of Steak marinated in Balsamic Dressing, Garlic & Pepper.
All Day: 2 Litres of water
9:00pm: 3 pieces of small low fat bacon 
9:30pm: 65.3kgs

I will explain - I was having an UBER sweet craving and kept thinking about a gloria jeans tim tams drink (AMAZING!)I had to have something so I settled on a small box of Hello Panda biscuits. I figured they would be the less amount of sugar/fat. Hopefully! I did find that I was less hungry today and maybe that was because I made sure I ate more chicken at lunch time rather then mostly grazing through that period. It was definitely harder to drink water today though, thanks Kait for forcing me! ( I needed it ) Clearly this wasn't my best day but hopefully I have more willower tomorrow.

Let's see how much longer I can last!

ashleyzoe xx

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