Day 4 of the Dukan Diet | Cravings...

I was craving everything today! Burgers! Sushi! Chocolate! I also felt like I ate a lot today but it was mostly small. With this diet you can as much as you want of the allowed foods except egg yolks which is two a day, so I don't feel so bad about eating all the time. HA! I did put on 100 grams today though.
: ( Oh well, it could of been worse!

Weight loss to date: 1.2kgs

6:30am: 64.3kgs
6:45am: 4 pieces of low fat bacon
11:00am: Grilled Fish (with some sort of spicy flavouring)
11:30am: Few Shaved Chicken Slices 97% fat free

12:00pm: 2 pieces of Smoked Ham with a small amount of cottage cheese rolled inside. 
3:00pm: LCM bar - WOOPS!
4:00pm: Activia coconut yoghurt -YUM!
7:00pm: Roast Chicken & Herbs Omelette (Made from 2 eggs & a dash of milk)

8:00pm: STARVING AGAIN.... few pieces of roast chicken
All Day:1-2 Litres of water

Not much else to say in this blog, just that I fore see a major cheat meal in the not so distant future. My willpower is getting weaker. HA!

ashleyzoe xx

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