Over the last year I have taken ashleyzoe from a boring old blog and transformed it into an eye catching website. Everything you see, all the changes I have made I have done completely on my own. I have taught myself everything about how to blog and what it needs to be successful.  For me that journey is no where near over as I am constantly learning and discovering new things with blogging. In this blog post, I want to share with you what I have learnt, so maybe I can help another blogger on their journey.

- Youtube the heck out of blog design tutorials. 
Even after a year of blogging, I am still discovering new links, pop up boxes, codes, etc; throughout my website.

- Read & explore as many blogs as you can.
Checking out other blogs (especially high traffic websites) is great research for what is working and not working in the blogging world. I also use it as a creative inspiration for my own blog.

- Eye-catching blog post titles.
Catchy titles are great, they draw in the reader and allow him or her to then further explore your blog. Be careful with this though, be sure to stay true to your blog post when creating a title. None of this "Man loses arm in Kung-Fu fight with bread stick" when it is actually about how you bake bread. Let's be real folks.

- Network.
Make friends! Chat to people! There's nothing better for your blog than working with people that are also in the same boat as you. Put the word out and find local bloggers in your area. You could collaborate, write a guest post or even just be mates! You never know where a simple "Hey, how are you?" could lead you.

- Promote yourself.
Promote the SHIZ-NIT out of yourself! If you don't promote yourself or your blog then who is going to? Go ahead & create a Facebook page and Instagram account for your blog and update them regularly. These can literally be shared with billions of potential blog readers every single day.

I went as far as creating business cards for my blog. It only cost me $15 for 250 business cards and I basically hand them out to whoever will accept them. Even if you think people will not be interested, they might know someone who is and BAM new blog follower.

Honestly, I could just keep going. There are so many tips & tricks on how to start and run a blog that you will never stop learning. Just remember, stay true to yourself and your blog. Make your blog a piece of work you are proud of!

What tip do you have for beginner bloggers?

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