If you are like me and often search the hashtags #ootd #style #fashion, then I know you feel my pain people! These are the 8 problems I find personally when searching for fashion inspiration on Instagram.

1. Instagram won't let you use anymore hashtags - therefore not enough people can appreciate your rad outfit!

2. Your outfit looks way better in real life - screw you mirror (in my case my front door).

3. Searching #ootd and finding mostly American instagrams and becoming envious of their fashion and then remembering its Summer in the southern hemisphere and you would probably melt if you wore that super cute scarf and those embellished ankle boots.  (WHY WONT IT SNOW HERE?!?!?!)

4. Wanting to buy everything you see.

5. Buying everything you see.... and then checking your bank account.

6. Becoming obsessed with a fashion bloggers instagram and slightly feeling like a stalker. Ashley, step away from the phone.

7. Coming across unnecessary pictures from people tagging #fashion. "Pretty sure that is you eating your lunch". We all know we're guilty of this one!!

8.  Getting distracted from life and wondering what year it is.

Instagram has hit a winner and won a great deal of support from people all over the world! If I had to say one thing each about what I love and hate about Instagram they would be, I love the way I can pick up my phone and swipe through and after 5 minutes I am able to feel so inspired by other peoples photos that they have shared with the world, what I hate is when that 5 min becomes what is actually 5 hours! I know this is not what you normally see on ashleyzoe.com but I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know your thoughts!

If you would to become my instastalker check out my instagram: ashley_zoe

Comment below and tell me what problems you deal with when you #stylestalk?

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