Brrrrr... it's cold in here. It must of been something in the atmosphere...

Ok, stop letting me embarrass myself now and yes now you're singing the bring it on cheer. If you're from the southern hemisphere then right now you're feeling my pain with the gosh dang cold! I thought i'd make it a little less miserable by sharing with you my Winter favourites.

- Firstly, hot chocolates from Il Castello Pizzeria in Sunnybank made by Tyler Olos. Ahhhhhhhhmazing. He's still trying to make me a coffee lover but i'm slowly getting there.

- My lips have been awful in this weather and have been surviving by using Lucas Papaw ointment. Any Australian would know this is a Winter staple!

- I have been wearing a mid length coat to work everyday (I start work at 6am) and that has been a life saver. Cost all of $10 in New York, works great and looks cute! Bonus!

Lip balm

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