Yes, I have finally decided after 12 weeks that I am done with Accutane... for now. I was not impressed with the results & side effects and after researching over and over again I decided that I could find a healthier option to rid me of my bad skin. I stopped taking accutane a week ago and will be seeing my local doctor to make sure that I don't have to do anything particular due to stopping this medication.

Right now my skin is actually quite clear but it has been peeling like crazy. It was getting so bad that if I rubbed my skin you would literally see the dry skin snowflake off my face. Yeah, I know, gross. Over the last two nights I applied bio oil over my entire cleansed face and the peeling has basically stopped. My face must of been badly craving moisture! I am still using my sensitive skin face wash and moisturiser and will do so until I purchase a new acne product. 

About two years ago I used the face products Obagi for about 6 months until it ran out and it was amazing. I actually can't believe I haven't thought to purchase it again until now. It wasn't until a blog reader of mine mentioned it to me that she will be using the product and it was like DING DING DING thats right that stuff is amazing!

I have been researching and I think this is the package I will purchase. 

I have also been looking into types of laser treatments for scarring but i'm not sure if I feel like being that drastic yet. I will update soon about how life is without Accutane. Has anyone else tried Obagi & what were your thoughts?

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