The many hairstyles of ashleyzoe.

When I was 10 I had my hair dyed for the first time. It was a big chunky blonde foil just on my fringe - HOT RIGHT?! And over the years I really haven't strayed much from that style. I have no clue what I was thinking when I got BANGS - not cool. I got over them like an hour later. As for the red hair, I LOVED that look, I was channeling Ashlee Simpson circa 2008. As for right now I have dark brown hair with chunky blonde foils and I loveeee it. I wonder how long for? What was the hairstyle you most regret?

ashleyzoe x

P.S How cute is 4 year old Ash??

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  1. My biggest haircut regret was when I cut my sisters fringe but it wasn't straight so I cut it again......and again.......and again until it was pretty much spikey