Prolong the life of a Spray Tan

Since I have been tanning with Eco Tan Organic Spray Tan ( ) these are the tips I have come up with to prolong the life of a spray tan.

I heart spray tans!
My tan line after two days.

Before your tan:

Exfoliate your body
Shave your legs, arm pits etc.

Day of the tan:
Do not apply anything to the skin (no creams or deodorants)

After the tan:
(Straight after) Wear loose fitting clothing
Leave your tan to set over night or at least four hours
Moisturise after each shower
Try not to exfoliate - exfoliating will remove the tan prematurely
Use a light a body wash
Pat skin dry
Avoid shaving legs as this acts as an exfoliant

I hope these tips can help you! Talk to you in my next blog.

ashleyzoe xx

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