If you read my last blog post, you would know I am going to be making over my wardrobe & really getting back to the basics. Everything costs money though doesn't it, so I need to set myself up a Fashion Budget.

I am not just doing this for myself, I am doing this to show other people that just because you can't afford the most expensive clothing items doesn't mean you can't look amazing. We are doing this together, so you can see that you can see how possible it is to rock the fashion world on a budget & to make sure I don't add something hideous to my new wardrobe of course.

I need to re-evaulate what exactly is smart for me to spend on clothing if I want to. Obviously bills rank the highest over clothing first people, you don't want people banging down your door because you HAD to have those shoes last week that you paid with your rent money. So, if you're doing this with me, work out your budget & really think what you can allow yourself to spend on clothing however ofter you want to. I suggest using the online budget program, helped me immensely.

Once you have your budget set, put away your clothing allowance in a separate envelope, purse or what ever you would like to use and make sure that is all you allow yourself for that period.
What I am going to do is, put the cash in a separate envelope & if I only spend half of the allowance the first week then the rest will just add to the next week. Call it your Build-A-Wardrobe piggy bank. If you don't spend it all, it just keeps adding up. Saving up each week like that could allow yourself to splurge on a more expensive item that you might not normally be able to afford.

What are your saving techniques?

ashleyzoe xx

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