A week ago, I flew to Sydney for two days. I was invited down by @maxconnectors to attend a Bloggers Bootcamp at the Google office. It was the best thing to ever happen to me as a blogger. The day was so much fun & I left with so  much more blogging & youtube knowledge.

On the day, I was lucky enough to meet Chloe Morello & many other amazing youtubers. I also got to  speak to Lauren Curtis (via Skype) & made sure I asked her a question! haha

I left the bloggers bootcamp feeling so motivated & excited to kick my blog & youtube up a notch. I am so looking forward to collaborating with many other youtube & bloggers.

Fan girl moment with +Chloe Morello 

I was happier than I looked haha



Everyone who attended the Blogger Bootcamp

Super Tourist

The lovely @chemicaldetox

My pimpin' apartment

Google elevator selfie.

The girls showing off their nails for the +TheNailTrail 

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