My first "real" Style Spot. 

If you don't know what the Style Spot is on my blog, basically it is where I like to share with you other fantastic outfits I have seen. I always see people with kick-arse outfits & on this day I finally got the courage to ask someone for the first time if I could share their outfit on my blog.

This young lady was so sweet & flattered that I wanted to share her outfit on ashleyzoe & was more than happy to pose for a quick snap. I never actually caught your name (I was probably way to nervous), but thank you so much! If this is you, feel free to contact me!

Back to the photo, I spotted this girl in Queen St Mall in Brisbane & I thought she was rockin' this outfit! It was Brisbane's first day of chilly weather & I thought her oversized shirt was the great accessory to keep her warm & compliment her summer outfit.

Will you be my next Style Spot?

talk soon xx

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