Hands up if you know that reference! (OH, IT'S TO HOT TODAY)

Any who, today I sweat my b%^&s off. Figuratively of course, no I am not a male.

It is now 8pm & I still can't breathe. I just cooked a shepherds pie for dinner, worst mistake OF my life. I just want to lay in a pool & eat ice blocks for dinner. Oh wait, I'm an adult I can do what I want! Nope...... you don't have a pool Ashley. The only pool you have, is of the sweat kind. Although, you do have ice blocks so your night is salvaged! YAY!

Shut up you say? Talk about my outfit you say? Alright, so obviously all I wanted to wear today was nothing but this was my second option. The shorts are a pair of my absolute favourite jeans from Just Jeans that I always rave about. This pair however, split in the thigh region a few months ago (screw you voluptuous thighs!) so I cut them where they spilt and rocked them as shorts. That was my booty sorted, to cover the girls I wore this super flowing top that touched the least amount of skin as possible. Has anyone else noticed that I finally bought myself some new sunnies? I loveeeeee them & they were only $10, love myself a bargain! As for the shoes; because I am an Aussie chick, I am basically always wearing my thongs (flip-flops, sandals, jandals).

Shoes|Havaianas - Shorts|Just Jeans - Top|Ally - Sunglasses|Wynnum Market

Check out what I did yesterday!

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