Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself and thats exactly what I did. Speaking of doing things for yourself, I have come across a bloggers conference in NYC in July I would love to go to.  So, you know what? I think I am going to go! 

Ever since I left NYC, I have not stopped thinking about the place. It is indescribable the feeling I had when I was in that city. I remember sitting in Central Park by myself, hot chocolate in hand & no phone to distract me from the beauty. I just sat there, in the middle of Central Park soaking up the fact that I had accomplished my dream of getting to this place. Oh, and I people watched, some interesting characters in The Big Apple!

I want that feeling again and I will basically use any excuse to go back. The bloggers conference is the perfect opportunity. I get to learn from fellow bloggers & I get to explore NYC again! At this stage I will be attending the conference alone. I will admit,  I am a tad nervous, but basically I just need to stop being a lame ass and just do it! If you want to see if the bloggers conference is something you might be interested in, check out this link. http://www.blogher.com/blogher-15?from=pod

P.S- I am working on changing my background of my photos, my super creative sister will make it look wicked I'm sure!

Check out yesterdays outfit!

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