How styling is my outfit today? 

Yes, I look like a dork! Want to know why?!

I love trying out beauty DIY's & sometimes I find some that actually work! This one, i'm not so sure yet. This little concoction here is a homemade body wrap. There a few different types of wraps; some are to draw toxins from your body, some are to draw water out & some are to help you lose "inches" from your body. Like I said, not sure if this one works yet. 

This little recipe went something like this: small handful of ground rock salt & about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. I scrubbed the oil & salt all over my body in the shower & then rinsed off. It feels weird when you hop out of the shower because the oil feels like you still have water on your skin. Once I was dry I wrapped cling wrap all around my waist & my thighs. I went as tight as I could without stopping my breathing or cutting off circulation.  *I would suggest doing your thighs first so you don't ruin your stomach wrap by bending.*

I wish I did a before picture (but my phone was dead) because I was feeling super bloated before. Right now as I lay here, I am feeling pretty itchy on my legs. Not sure if from sweat, toxins or salt. Lets see how long I last.

Check out yesterdays outfit!

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