Why do we find it so hard to find bras that fit us comfortably? That goes for all us ladies. (big & small) I guess the number one reason is because we aren't wearing the correct size and second reason is because for girls like me that have TIG OL' BITTIES (thanks for that one Sarah) we find it hard to find bras in our sizes.

When I first had a fitting (keep in mind I was 21) the staff member said" you're not going to get angry at me when I tell you your size right?." I was like, "no?" (I thought that was weird) She then proceeded to tell me" Yeh, you're either a 12E or a 10F". I was gob smacked, I knew they were big but I didn't think they were that dang big. To top it all off, and I quote, she said "Yeah, you're only going to get ugly bra's in that size"


Ever since then I have been semi trying to prove her wrong, not that she will ever see me again. haha!
I have found a few that have almost become "the one", but still seem to fail me after a while.

Therefore, I am still on the search for that perfect bra and I have few requests:
- comfortable
-perks the girls up
-straps won't loosen on their own
-holds the puppies down/ minimal jiggle jiggle

Is that to much to ask?!

I do want to share my current favourite with you all though. I'm pretty into this bra at the moment, it will do until "The One" comes along. This is a "Sports Bra" from Bonds, I'm using quotation marks because I tried running in this bra yesterday and..... I almost knocked myself out. Good times. Perhaps I could have worn a tighter top over the bra, maybe that would of helped. Anyway, apart from the bouncing Ta-Tas this bra is great! It is seriously comfortable, there are no adjustable straps so it will not loosen and it fits great and really holds the girls in. I bought a 10F in this bra, but I think  next time I will get a 12E to give myself a little extra breathing room, literally.

Enjoy your bra hunting ladies!

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