I constantly have new ideas and aspirations running through my head and for some reason or another most of them have been pushed to the side. Mostly because I've been to much of a ^&%$# to do something about it. I have started this new thing where whenever I have an idea, positive thought or image in my mind I will write it down. I have purchased myself a book that is always with me and is even next to my keyboard at work. I have been writing in this book for six days and I already have a new goal for what I aiming towards. It may or may not involve Ireland.

By having this book with me I have found that it lets my creative juices constantly flow. I work in a job that is rather repetitive and this helps me escape to my happy & creative place! So corny! HA HA.

If you are feeling lost in your career, life or in your creative field then I suggest you try what I am doing. Give it a go and let the ideas unfold!

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