Almost everyday I see someone that has the most fantastic outfit and I get this strong urge to tell them that I love their outfit. So, I do. Who doesn't love a random compliment?! 

Style Spot is a new segment in the blog and it consists of people I have come across that have outfits that I love. I think style and expression of creativity should be shared to all. I mean, if I didn't show you it would be selfish of me right? 

My first Style Spot was the one and only Lola June, my gorgeous little 4 year old (thinks she is 15) niece. Lola enjoys Peppa Pig, dancing & picking out her own outfits. She requested this picture go up on the blog for everyone to see. You see, I had to oblige because she's already a fashionista like her aunty! : )

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-01at122926AM_zpse974bdbe.jpg

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