Hi, I'm Ashley & I'm a blogaholic.
*Hi Ashley.*

Yes, I am a self confessed blogaholic and I LOVE it! Due to my instagram addiction I have discovered fantastic fashion blogs that I now follow religiously. (FASHION IS MY RELIGION) Following these blogs leads me to be inspired & gosh darn makes me want to shop! (Sorry bank account) 

Here are my top four fashion blogs that I am reading right now! I hope you all check out these fantastic fashion blogs. Let me know of any blogs you think I should check out!

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Courtney Kerr talks about not being able to pull off "cool", 
is it weird I think she's the coolest chick ever? Courtney is a
 fashion blogger from Dallas & my fan girl crush began after 
I discovered her show Courtney Loves Dallas.

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I have only recently discovered Blaire Eadie (through searching #fashionblogger on intagram of course) and I am obssesed with her style. I love that she re-wears & restyles outfits throughout her blog. Appealing to the average girl like me that can't afford to wear an outfit only once.

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I think Richelle & I channeled each other when designing our blogs (before we knew each other existed). Love her blog & the fact that her style is so different in every blog post.

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First of all, how cool is it that Kelly lives in NY?! Jealous much? Her style is super girly with a slight edge and she totally rocks every outfit! Her blogs looks great & she does all the designing herself!

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