My USA trip so far! SF-LA

The states are even better than I expected! The flights were the worst!! The airlines were great, but 36 hrs and 3 flights later & aircon that feels like Antarctica really turns you crazy! 

First full day in San Francisco was amazing! Full day of sightseeing, tried to see The Golden Gate Bridge but way to foggy and then we hit Pier 39! So many cute seals!! Met a new a friend and explored the city all night and froze my ass off! Haha 

Monday we checked out Alcatraz, seriously interesting. We then battled a 6hr drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles ... We were deliriously bored! Nothing to look at but mountains or flat land! Haha 

Today we explored Hollywood & Santa Monica. It was so pretty, but a lot different to what we see in movies! ; )

Now to figure out how I can move to the states- peace Ozziland : P

Will update in Vegas! Chaaaa Chinggg $$$

ashleyzoe xx

Golden Gate 


Santa Monica 

Hollywood Tour Bus

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