Preparing for my trip!

Only 1 working day left to go and then I'm out of here! I have been going over and over mental checklists in my head for months now! What I need to pack? What I need to buy? Which fatty take away food will I eat first? You know, the usual stuff! Haha 

My packing list:
Clothes ✔️ 
Cosmetics... First thing I packed... Duh ✔️ 
Tickets ✔️ (definitely scared Mark will lose his- haha)
Passport (with mandatory ugly mugshot photo) ✔️
Camera - got to keep my people up to date with my travels! ✔️ 
Cash moneyyyy ✔️ 

I think that's pretty much it! 100% sure I will forget something, knowing me it will be my favourite lipstick or something. First world problems right there people! 

I will try and update when I can and I will be posting a butttt load of pictures on my Instagram ... ashley_zoe ... So, go follow! 

ashleyzoe xx

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