Oh, I'm sure it will come back in style. (shoulder pads) These are my favourite pair of jeans. (more holy than a church) I haven't worn them yet. (snake skin pants you bought 3 years ago)

If any of those quotes sound like you and it's a constant battle to de-clutter the clothes in your bursting closet, then you're in the right place! 

I am not only writing this blog post to help all you poor clothes hoarding guys & gals out there but also to motivate myself to CULL DOWN THOSE CLOTHES.

STEP 1. 
Make 3 piles, KEEP, TOSS (sell), MAYBE.
KEEP: Clothes you know you will 100% wear again.
TOSS (sell): Clothes you definitely won't wear again and you may be able to make a few $$ from.
MAYBE: Clothes you are not to sure if you're lovin' or hatin'.

Give yourself some ground rules. If you haven't worn something in 6 months then TOSS, for seasonal clothes like jackets, coats etc allow yourself 12 months. If it doesn't fit you any longer then, you guessed it, BYE BYE! If it is broken & unfixable then Auf Wiedersehen! If you have a piece of clothing that annoys you every time you wear it then, au revoir!

So as you can see, be brutal where needed. If it makes it easier & less like a chore, get a few friends together and do as the Sex & The City girls do and make a night out of it!

Once you have sorted into piles, start organising your KEEP clothes back into your closet. To keep things fresh and organised create sections by style, colour or design.

Now for the MAYBE pile. Ask yourself, do you really want to keep those jeans you wore once or are you just wanting them because there is now room in your closet? This is where your friends come in handy and will help you make the decision that each fashionista faces constantly. KEEP or TOSS?!

Now go through your TOSS pile and weed out what you can & can't sell. Now with the stuff you can't sell, PLEASE donate to your local charity store. With the clothes that you choose to sell but no one buys, donate those to a charity store as well. DO NOT put them back in your closet, you had a closet clean out for a reason.

STEP 5. 
Enjoy your fresh new de-cluttered closet.... You're already out shopping aren't you?

I hope these tips helped you on your quest to a cleaner closet. From one fashionista to another, comment your tips below. 

ashleyzoe xx

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