War wounds of an amateur pole dancer

Ouch... ouch.. ouch... it even hurts to type. Tuesday has been and gone again and that means so has pole dancing/ fitness class. This week Eliza and I managed to hang upside down on the pole (with help of course) and clearly i'm paying for it now because MAN does my body ache! All worth it in the end I keep telling myself.

My goal is to get a rockin' body and to be able to climb that pole with ease and grace! Although that does seem pretty far fetched right now. HA! I can also hold on to the pole with just my thighs now, I knew those suckers were good for something... hurts like a beeping beep though.

Any who, these pictures below are the result of my efforts. It's not so pretty though... I guess it's back to wearing long pants at work! I really wish I could Instagram these pictures up and add a filter or something but sadly no. Sorrrrryyyyy!

ashleyzoe xx

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